SCRIP is a nationwide gift card fundraising program.  Individuals purchase gift cards from both national and local merchants (e.g., Kohl's, Walmart, BP, Shell, etc.) at face value.  St. Clare buys the gift cards at a discount, and we pass the savings onto our general Parish Fund, Discipleship Formation (RE) Fund, or the School Fund.

3 Ways You Can Participate In SCRIP

1.      Buy SCRIP after Mass from any one of the 3 parish locations
2.      Order SCRIP online at

Tell the SCRIP seller to apply your purchases to one of these choices:
1. The general parish fund (all rebates go to the parish).
2. The RE fund (rebates are split 50/50 between RE and a family’s RE tuition statement).
3. The school fund (Rebates are split 50/50 between the school and the family’s tuition statement with unlimited rebate credits).
Note: All shipping and handling costs will be subtracted before the rebate amount is calculated.

3.      Download the SCRIP Order Form, fill it out, and take it to the SCRIP table at church at weekend Masses, or bring to the St. Clare Parish or School Office.

Here is an example of how SCRIP works:

Suppose you purchase the following SCRIP cards:

Vendor Total Rebates Earned
2 BP Gas Cards @$50 $100 (earns 2%) $2.00
1 Olive Garden @$25 $25 (earns 9%) $2.25
1 Fleet Farm @$100 $100 (earns 5%) $5.00
Total $225 $9.25
less 10% handling fees
Total Rebates $8.32

You paid $225. You get to spend $225 at these stores, and rebates earned are $8.32.