St. Clare Parish is the caretaker of five cemeteries: St. John's in Morrison, St. Patrick's in Askeaton, St. Mary's in Greenleaf, St. Paul's in Wrightstown, and St. Patrick's in Snyderville (west of Wrightstown). These five cemeteries each belonged to former parishes whose communities and histories constitute the living history of St. Clare Parish. The five parishes were:

St. Peter, Snyderville (expanded in late 1860s)
- founded St. Patrick Cemetery, Snyderville (the church building no longer stands)
St. Paul, Wrightstown
- founded St. Paul Cemetery, Wrightstown
St. John the Evangelist, Morrison (suppressed in 1966)
- founded St. John Catholic Cemetery, Morrison (the church building no longer stands)
St. Patrick, Askeaton
- founded St. Patrick Cemetery, Askeaton
St. Mary (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin), Greenleaf
- founded St. Mary Cemetery, Greenleaf

Sexton for St. Paul and
St. Patrick, Wrightstown

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Sexton for St. Mary
and St. John Cemeteries

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Sexton for St. Patrick Cemetery

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