St. Clare School's Board is an advisory body to the pastor and the principal, overseeing the educational programs of Saint Clare Catholic School. It operates within the regulations as might be given by the Bishop of the Diocese and/or Diocesan Board of Education.

The Advisory Board's activities are focused on six responsibilities:
1. Ensuring the Catholic identity of the school
2. Long-range planning for the school, within the long-range plan of the parish
3. Setting policy
4. Hiring and, to a limited degree evaluating, the Principal
5. Financial oversight, accountable to the Parish Finance Council
6. Public Relations

Members of the Advisory Board for the 2023-24 Academic Year are:
Jen Buechel (Chair)
Leslye Erickson (Vice-Chair)
Annie Wells (Secretary)
Ann Vanden Wymelenberg (Member)
Judy Boots-Becker (Member)
Dean Swoboda (Member)
Scot Madson (Member)
Katie Stanczak (Principal)
Fr. Brian Wideman (Pastor)