NOTICE OF ELECTION: Treasurer Trustee

This June 2024 the parishioners of Saint Clare will be electing the next Treasurer Trustee to serve on the parish Board of Directors.


Lay Trustees

Under Wisconsin civil law, each parish corporation is run by a board of five directors, also known as "trustees", two of whom are lay people chosen from the active parishioners of the parish. These lay trustees always hold the offices of Treasurer and Secretary in the parish corporation, and are thus sometimes referred to as the "Treasurer Trustee" and "Secretary Trustee."

Responsibilities of the Treasurer Trustee

Monthly time commitment: Approx. 2 Hours (90 minute monthly Finance Council Meeting and biweekly check-signing for approx. 20 minutes each time)

  • The treasurer trustee represents the parish corporation as one member of the board of directors, and assists the pastor and parish corporation in the development and maintenance of accurate and detailed accounts of the parish’s financial undertakings and holdings.
  • The treasurer trustee is a full, contributing member of the parish finance council.
  • The treasurer trustee reviews the annual parish budget together with the pastor. The treasurer trustee reviews and signs checks for disbursement of parish funds as needed.
  • The treasurer trustee signs the annual parish financial report sent to the diocese.
  • The treasurer trustee signs corporate documents, as required.
Selection and Election of Lay Trustees

The election will take place the weekend of June 23-24.  Early voting is available starting June 10th by a visit to the parish office.  Because ballots are a legal document, they must be signed by the voter.  Ballots are kept confidential. 

- The pastor calls together an Election Committee to oversee the election.

- The selection of the nominees for trustee should be based on nominations from the parish members at large. If several individuals are nominated for the post of trustee, the pastor may use his discretion to select nominees from those names put forward by the parish members at the time of nomination.

- At least ten (10) written nominations must be received from adult parishioners in good standing for a person to be nominated.  The Nomination Form is on the reverse side.

- The pastor has the prerogative to put forward nominees; the pastor has the prerogative to determine if a nominee is in "good standing" with the parish.

- Trustees serve a maximum of three (3) two-year terms.

- Following the annual election, the results are sent to the diocesan bishop for approval. The bishop maintains the right to disapprove of an election result.

- Trustees must be 18 years of age or older, as well as fully initiated Catholics (baptized, confirmed, sharer in the Eucharist) who are in good standing with the parish.

- To avoid conflict of interest, trustees may not be immediate family (spouse, parent, child) of any parish employee, other trustee, or member of the parish pastoral or finance councils.