Dwellers in the Holy City

Dwellers in the holy city, open wide the golden door;
May our friend from this world summoned know God's presence evermore.
Saints and angels make her/him welcome, glad at home for evermore.

Family born to God's own household, bring our faithful friend within,
free of suffering, pain and sorrow, free of weakness, free of sin.
May her/his passing lead to glory, Victory over death and sin.

Singers in the choir of heaven, let your prayer like incense rise;
let our friend, in song, now join you, praising God in paradise.
Andy may we, rejoicing, join you, praisers all in paradise.

Saints around the banquet gathered, claim her/him now as next of kin;
lead her/him to the family table; let the feast of joy begin.
Friends at God's own table seated, let the feasting now begin!