Since 2018, the Parish has been busy putting into action the results of the 2018 Re-Survey of parishioners: the results of which indicated that 69% of respondents (306 out of 442) favored upgrades to our existing churches.

This work has been funded through three sources (all of which originate with the generosity of parishioners): the Parish has over $124,000 available from the diocesan one-By-One Campaign. The Parish has received over $160,000 through our ongoing Deferred Maintenance and Improvement (DMI) collection. And over $50,000 has been received as private donations from individual parishioners and contractors.

As of February 9, 2023, almost all of these funds have been spent on (or earmarked for) projects related to upgrading our existing churches and facilities, in accordance with the 2018 Re-Survey of parishioners.

Projects Completed

At the end of December 2022, the following projects have been completed:

Wrightstown Church—Air conditioning installed, sanctuary floor cleaned, storage room built in church hall for liturgical environment supplies, baptismal font relocated, drain tile replaced, and the choir loft windows resealed and repainted. Additionally, the statues of Sts. Peter and Paul, as well as the Pieta and Agony statues have been repainted.

Greenleaf Church—Exterior windows and trim are resealed and repainted (hopefully to be completed by Fall 2023), confessional renovated, entryway roof repaired, panic bar installed on entry door, new North door installed, new roadside signage, restriped parking lot, entryway repainted and new shelving installed.

Askeaton Church—Sanctuary and sacristy hardwood floors refinished, new boiler installed, new carpeting installed in church, sacristy storage expanded, sacristy painted, entryway steps repaired, chimney replaced with venting.

Askeaton Rectory—Garage siding replaced, interior repainted.

Parish Center—Roof replaced with metal, chimneys replaced with venting, classroom renovated for use by the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program.

St. Clare School—Ceiling and lighting replaced in lower level, lower level repainted, boiler replaced, back-up boiler installed, ventilation upgraded, playground expanded, erosion control by storm draining pipe, flashing crosswalk added (in conjunction with the Village of Wrightstown), refurbished PE office.

Additionally, several items were purchased from the now-closed Holy Family College (formerly Silver Lake College): large crucifix, front pew kneeler screens, chapel doors, Stations of the Cross, Holy Family and St. Francis wall hangings, bookcases.

Sanctuary Renovations

As part of the ongoing maintenance and upgrades of our churches and facilities, our sanctuaries are also getting some attention. The Askeaton sanctuary floor was restored to its original hardwood. The Greenleaf sanctuary has recently been repainted and the floor is in the final stages of being refinished (as of Feb. 9, 2023). And the Wrightstown sanctuary will get some fresh paint in the St. Anthony and Sacred Heart statue niches, and the tile and marble floor was professionally stripped and refinished.

Starting on January 1, 2023, and continuing through the month of January, renditions and information was put out to parishioners regarding some further proposed updates to the Greenleaf and Wrightstown sanctuaries, and feedback was solicited.

The in-pew survey was conducted to get more parishioner feedback, and it was held over the weekends of January 28/29 and February 4/5.

Next Steps (As of Feb. 9, 2023)
1. The renditions of the Greenleaf and Wrightstown will be revisited/revised based on parishioner feedback.
2. The survey data and proposals will be presented to Bishop for feedback and guidance. More information will be made known when it's available.

Greenleaf Sanctuary Renovation Rendition

Wrightstown Sanctuary Renovation Rendition