One-By-One Capital Campaign

For the past several months, St. Clare Parish has been taking an active part in the one by One campaign, an initiative of the Diocese of Green Bay. This undertaking is meant to strengthen the ability of our parish to meet better the spiritual needs of our parishioners and to help us have a positive impact on our wider community by inviting all to encounter Jesus Christ. It is also meant to put into action Bishop Ricken's new missionary vision for our diocese.

50% of funds raised go to support the diocesan mission.
50% of funds raised go to support parish needs.

There are four ways St. Clare Parish (and every other parish) supports our mother Church, the diocese:

1. The Cathedraticum helps support the many employees of the diocesan offices which, in turn, are essential supports to our parish and school staff. These diocesan offices (the Curia) include: Canonical Services, Chancellor, Archives, Safe Environment, Facilities and Properties, Vocations and Ministry Formation staff, Divine Worship, Evangelization, Catholic Schools and Religious Education staff, Youth Ministry, Marriage and Family Life, among others.

2. The annual Bishop's Appeal helps support the existing ministries which the diocesan curia is involved with, such as: Catholic Charities, the Compass Newspaper, Ministry Formation, Campus ministry, Multi-cultural ministry, Emmaus Lay Ministry formation, Diaconate program, among others.

3. Special appeals or collections, such as: the annual Seminarian Collection, the collection for Retired Religious and Priests, and so on.

4. Capital Campaigns, at the discretion of the bishop. The one-by-One Capital Campaign is the third such campaign in our diocese since 1988. A capital campaign is called for a specific purpose. In the case of the current one-by-One Capital Campaign, the purpose is to enact Bishop Ricken's new missionary vision for our diocese. This vision includes several aspects. The campaign is also an opportunity for parishes to raise funds for local needs.