Growing In Faith Together (GIFT) – Grades 1-8

Dear Grade 1-8 Discipleship Faith Formation Family,

Change and flexibility are two key words that we have had plenty of encounters with in the past 6 months. We have learned to adapt to a world that is changing by the day. As we anticipate the start of a new school year in the next few weeks, our Faith Formation program is also planning to begin again. However, it too, will need to make changes for the safety of your children and families.

Over the past month I have met with personnel from the diocesan mission team for children and youth, area faith formation colleagues, Fr. Brian, and some parents and catechists from our program; after much prayer and discussion we have developed an alternate plan for our 2020-2021 Faith Formation program.

Do you remember the commitment you made on the day you had your child baptized? You promised and accepted the responsibility of training him/her in the practice of the faith. As a parish, we are here to assist and support you. This year our Faith Formation program for children in grades 1-8, is going to require you to work together as a family to learn and grow together in faith as you continue to journey to follow as disciples of Jesus.

In the coming year we are going to use a model of intergenerational learning. Families (divided into alphabetic groups, by last name) will attend a monthly session in church, on the Wrightstown campus. Fr. Brian, Anne, one of our deacons or a special guest will lead prayer and a review of a teaching of the church. Family session will begin promptly at 6:00 PM and will last 30-45 minutes. At each group meeting families will be given take-home packet with book pages from the book your child would have used if in a classroom setting, and an on-line platform guide for families to work with the children to complete the materials. New packets will be given to families at each monthly gathering. This year several of our catechists have agreed to serve as mentors for families. Each family will be assigned a catechetical mentor who will be available to answer questions and help guide you through home packets. Anne is also available to help at any time. We will begin our sessions on October 7, 2020. When arriving to church, families will sit together and social distance practices will be followed.

To the right is a schedule for the grades 1-8 Faith Formation program, and below is a FAQ sheet.  A registration form is available here (if we do not currently have one on file). Please review the information and contact me if you have questions or concerns. Again, we truly do appreciate your commitment to the program and your willingness to journey in faith as a family.

Be Well and Be God’s,

Anne Stemper
Discipleship Formation Coordinator

REVISED 2020-2021
Grades 1-8

Oct. 7 - Session 1 - Families A-J
Oct. 14 - Session 1 - Families K-R
Oct. 21 – Virtual Family Learning Session
Oct. 28 - Session 1 - Families S-Z

Nov. 4 - Session 2 - Families A-J
Nov. 11 - Session 2 - Families K-R
Nov. 18 - Session 2 - Families S-Z
Nov. 25 – Virtual Family Learning Session

Dec. 2 - Session 3 - Families A-J
Dec. 9 - Session 3 - Families K-R
Dec. 16 - Session 3 - Families S-Z
Dec. 23 - Virtual Family Learning Session

Jan. 6 - Virtual Family Learning Session
Jan. 13 - Session 4 - Families A-J
Jan. 20 - Session 4 - Families K-R
Jan. 27 - Session 4 - Families S-Z

Feb. 3 - Session 5 - Families A-J
Feb. 10 - Session 5 - Families K-R
Feb. 17 - Ash Wednesday - Attend a Mass as a family
Feb. 24 - Session 5 - Families S-Z

Mar. 3 - Session 6 - Families A-J
Mar. 10 - Session 6 - Families K-R
Mar. 17 - Session 6 - Families S-Z

Mar. 24 - Session 7 - Families A-J
Mar. 31 – Virtual Family Learning Session
Apr. 7 - Session 7 - Families K-R
Apr. 14 - Session 7 - Families S-Z
Apr. 21 - Closing Mass for all Families 6:00 PM