1. Parents should fill out the standard Disciple Formation registration form.

2. High Schoolers new to the program individually complete an online questionnaire.

3. After the questionnaire, Father or Anne will respond via email with more information about which Formation House you'll be in.  A listing of the House Rosters will be posted the first night of Disciple Formation RE, so don't worry if you forget which House you're in.

Our Approach

The goal of our Disciple Formation Program is to “make disciples,” as the Lord Jesus put it.

While discipleship involves a certain amount of learning and head-knowledge, it’s more about saying YES to Jesus, and then letting one’s life be transformed by the grace and working of the Holy Spirit. Discipleship is about learning how to live—taking one’s cue from the Master and Maker of all Life, God himself.

The Disciple Formation Program is not an extension of High School. Youth do not receive grades, nor do they “graduate” from discipleship, nor are they even required to be a part of the program.

Instead, youth receive encouragement and direction, they progress through various levels of discipleship, and they—ideally—participate because they choose to (though, this is not always the case).

Our aim is to provide a more individualized and relational approach to discipleship. Because of this, the program itself and the registration will be different.