2022 Confirmation is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 30th, 1:00pm @ Wrightstown

General Remarks

A young adult may request to be confirmed at any point in his or her time in the program. This is a significant change from the past. But with this change also comes an increased responsibility on the part of the youth to be committed to—and already living to some degree appropriate for a young adult—the life of a confirmed Catholic.

Receiving Confirmation is not the end-goal of the High School Program; instead, faithful Catholic living as a disciple of the Lord is our goal. Confirmed persons are expected—by the Church—to continue growing in discipleship and in the practice of the faith they themselves profess.

** There is no separate “Confirmation Preparation Program;" instead, the students' engagement in the entire Disciple Formation Program (as a supplement to their faith development at home) is their preparation for Confirmation.  This preparation includes: participation in monthly Formation House gatherings, showing some spiritual and intellectual development in the faith, and contributing to parish life (through prayer, worship, service, and so on) and/or the life of the wider Church (through the offering of time, talents, and so on).

The Formal Confirmation Process

1. Every young adult who wishes to be confirmed will need to request to receive the sacrament. This need for a request is the same with all the sacraments (for children under the age of 7, parents make the request for Baptism and Eucharist on behalf of their child).  This request for Confirmation can be made at any point along the student's time in the Disciple Formation Program; although, it's anticipated that most students will make the request in their Junior Year of High School.  The "Confirmation Request" form is linked above (and is received by Anne and Fr. Brian).  This is an exercise in Catholic maturity for our youth, and is aimed at keeping young adults as intentional, willing participants in their faith and faith formation.  

2. An informal meeting is scheduled between the student, his/her sponsor, and the "Confirmation Board."  The purpose of the Confirmation Board is to involve other senior parish members in the sacrament, and to begin making connections whereby the student is welcomed into adult involvement in the Church because of Confirmation.  The Confirmation Board consists of: Fr. Brian, Anne Stemper, and 2-3 other people who are active in the parish and serve as examples of committed discipleship.

3. The Confirmation Board meeting happens.  It is a casual gathering where the student shares: how s/he is already beginning to put the faith into practice in everyday life and life situations, what the student's plans are for continuing his or her faith formation after Confirmation, what the student's Confirmation name will be and how that name signifies this new step in his or her life as a student of Christ, and how the student plans to be involved in the parish or the wider Church as an adult.  Unless there is serious reason why a student would be asked to hold off on the sacrament for a little bit, the Board welcomes the student to receive the sacrament.  To help prepare for the meeting with the Board, just click HERE or the button above.

4. A formal letter is written by the student to the Bishop (Anne will give details as to what the letter should include).  This letter is then given to Anne, who forwards it to the Bishop.

5. The Sacrament of Confirmation is scheduled and takes place.  Please note that the scheduling of the sacrament is entirely dependent upon Bishop's schedule.  In the Summer months, Bishop's office sends parishes a list of potential Confirmation dates; the parishes respond with their preferred dates; Bishop's office collates the data from the parishes and makes a schedule of Confirmation Masses throughout the diocese.  Saint Clare's Confirmation Masses are in the Fall of the year.  When an annual date for our next Confirmation Mass is confirmed with the Bishop's office, parents and students will be notified without delay so that planning of celebrations can begin.