Detailed information and the forms for the sacrament of confirmation can be found on our parish website:
A downloadable version of this information is found HERE.

1. Request forms to be considered a candidate for the Fall of 2022 are due by August 1, 2022.
Please note when selecting your sponsor – he or she must be an active, Confirmed, practicing Catholic, and registered at a Catholic parish.

2. After submitting a formal request form, you and your sponsor will be asked to schedule a meeting with the Confirmation Board. These meeting are
about 20 minutes. All meetings will be scheduled in late July and through the month of August.

3. Following the approval of the Confirmation Board you will be asked to write a formal letter of request to the Bishop. Those letters will be due on or
before Sept. 7, 2022. Information about what to include will be sent after the board meeting.

4. A Confirmation Retreat is scheduled for Fri., Sept. 23 from 7:30AM – 1:00PM (there is no school on that day). Please make arrangements, now, to attend.
Participation in the retreat is required.

5. The date for celebration of the Sacrament is Sunday, Oct. 30th, 1:00pm at Wrightstown

Remember that it is important that you continue to practice Catholic living by:

+ daily prayer
+ weekly attendance at Mass
+ weekly, active participation in the Discipleship Formation program & striving to assist in house leadership
+ involvement with both parish and community service
+ the motivation to continue learning and growing in the knowledge of Catholic teachings, and especially in your relationship with the Lord

We look forward to accompanying you on your journey!