Communion Outside of Mass

The Diocese of Green Bay has offered a way for the faithful to receive the Eucharist again starting May 31, 2020. This would take the form of a series of short Communion Services.  Click HERE for more detailed information.

We thank Bishop and his team at the diocese for working so hard to consider and provide this as way to receive the Eucharist!

Because of limitations here at the parish, we will, however, need to continue offering only our more limited services as we have been the past two months.  Click HERE for a full listing of what Saint Clare Parish is able to offer by way of prayer, worship, and sacraments.

A REMINDER: If you or your family strongly desire to receive the Eucharist, simply contact me (920-619-9565, and we can arrange for that.

Also, we will resume Eucharistic Adoration at Saint Clare three days a week, for 30 minutes each. The time of Adoration naturally lends itself to what we call "social distancing," and being in a place where there isn't much (or any) talking. If it turns out that more times of Adoration are needed during the week, we'll add more times.