Diocesan Case for Support

Our Campaign Priorities

Across our Diocese, funds raised through the one by One campaign will strengthen our vibrant parishes, enhance Catholic education in all forms, broaden charitable and living justice programs, provide for those who serve, create a community that leads others to Jesus and provide for technology and communication upgrades. The campaign will empower each of us to transform our communities as missionary disciples–as we share the healing, teaching and loving presence of Jesus where we live, work and pray.

Follow this link for the full text of the diocesan case statement.

1. Transforming and Enhancing Vibrant Parishes
Strengthening our parishes will transform the experiences we have with our faith and enhance the places where we gather in prayer and worship. As such, 50% of all funds collected during the parish campaign will be used by the individual parishes to support and advance their local needs.

2. Strengthening and Advancing Catholic Education in Schools of Discipleship
Catholic schools and faith formation programs must continue to play a significant role in forming missionary disciples who have a deep commitment to serving Christ and His Church.

3. Enriching and Broadening Catholic Charities and Living Justice
Catholic Charities, the Diocese and parishes help people who are most in need in our communities experience the love of God by promoting the social teachings of the Church, especially as they relate to issues of justice and human dignity.

4. Growing and Enhancing Support for Those Who Answer God’s Calling
From the youngest among us who are just beginning their journey of faith to our retired clergy who required extended care, we must support and foster ever person’s exploration of their faith at every age.

5. Creating and Supporting a Community That Leads Others to Discover, Worship, Follow and Share Jesus
As missionary disciples we serve Christ in the world by serving others. To fully serve those with the joy of the Gospel, we must provide the support necessary for parishes to increase the number and frequency of evangelization and discipleship seminars.

6. Modernizing and Improving Technology and Communication Strategies
The message of the Gospel is eternal; however, the methods used by the Diocese of Green Bay to effectively communicate that message, leading to all salvation, is rapidly changing.