2017 Parish Pastoral Planning

May 6 2017 UPDATE

A 15-page draft of a pastoral plan has been written up by Fr. Brian, based largely on all the parishioner feedback received from 2011 to the present, but also considering the 2011 Long-Range Plan and the work of groups that had been involved in parish planning from 2011-2016.

The draft of the 2017 Pastoral Plan will be reviewed by the Pastoral and Finance Councils in May. It is hoped that in June, the proposed plan will be presented to the parish ...community (the date to be determined) and any further parishioner input considered. The hope is to have the 2017 Pastoral Plan (which is both short and long-term in scope) in effect by July 2017. Please direct questions to Fr. Brian at pastor@stclareagw.org.


May 9 2017 UPDATE

Mark your calendars!  Tuesday, May 30, 6:30-8:30pm at Wrightstown High School.  Fr. Brian will present to the parish community a draft of the 2017 Pastoral Plan, entitled “Tradition in Progress.”  All are highly encouraged to attend and participate by offering feedback.  The plan will cover six areas:

1. Sunday: The Day of the Lord                                                                                         2. Expanding Liturgical and Prayer Life                                                                               3. Stewardship and Discipleship                                                                                         4. Relationship Between Local and Parish-Wide Communities                                                   5. Buildings and Properties                                                                                                 6. Finances

A draft of “Tradition in Progress” will be handed out at Masses the weekend of May 27/28; it will also be available on the parish website starting May 27 so parishioners can view it prior to the town hall meeting.  Questions, please contact Fr. Brian directly at pastor@stclareagw.org.


May 26 2017 UPDATE

The draft of the proposed pastoral plan, "Tradition in Progress," is available for review by parishioners.  This draft will be the topic of discussion at our May 30th townhall meeting. 


June 8 2017 UPDATE

About 200 people attended the May 30th townhall meeting at Wrightstown High School.  The meeting went from 6:30 to 8:15, with a presentation by Fr. Brian of "Tradition in Progress," followed by a break, and then a Q&A session between parishioners and Father.  



July 12 2017 UPDATE

After consultation with parishioners and councils at St. Clare Parish, Fr. Brian has put into effect the final draft of the 2017 Pastoral Plan.


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