Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities at St. Clare Parish


Bakers make bread, cookies, bars and pies for meetings, funerals and other social gatherings of the parish.
Time Commitment:  Flexible
Contact:  Parish office, 920-864-2550; office@stclareagw.org
Big Ticket Raffle Event 
This annual event is held at the Marq on Hwy 41.  Volunteers help sell tickets and solicit oral and silent auction items. Assistance needed at the event includes one-hour shifts for event set-up and take-down, greeters, cashiers, and auction spotters.
Contact:  Scott or Wendy Schumacher, 920-532-4184; wschumacher@new.rr.com
Child Care
Child Caregivers supervise our youngest parishioners while their parents and family members attend Sunday Mass in 
Greenleaf. Responsibilities are clearly defined. VIRTUS training and background checks to ensure child safety is required. An excellent ministry for families with children grades 6-12.  Schedule for 2013 (Greenleaf)
Contact: Kayla Treml; 920-360-2942; kjtreml@gmail.com
Church Cleaning
Church cleaning volunteers enjoy quiet time in the Lord's presence as they follow well defined instructions for maintaining our Worship sites. Make this a family commitment or invite a friend to form a team.

Time Commitment:  Usually a few times each year, accommodate volunteers' schedules.
Contact:  Parish Office, 920-864-2550; office@stclareagw.org
Homeless Shelter Meals
Homeless Shelter Meals are prepared on the last Sunday each month for clients of the New Community Shelter in Green Bay. Parishioners donate food and work together in the kitchen at 
Greenleaf to cook the meal and then serve it at the shelter.
Contact:  Parish Office, 920-864-2550; office@stclareagw.org
Money Counters
Money Counters count the weekend collection on Monday mornings at 9:00 AM and at parish events such as the Picnic and $10,000 Raffle.

Time Commitment:  2 hours about once a month
Contact: Parish Office, 920-864-2550; office@stclareagw.org
Office Volunteers
Office Volunteers assist the parish office by answering phones, stuffing bulletins, preparing mailings, and other clerical tasks.

Time Commitment:  Flexible and varies according to task
Contact:  Parish Office, 920-864-2550; office@stclareagw.org
Parish Picnic Committee
Parish Picnic Committee coordinates all activities for the annual parish picnic. The committee meets periodically from 
April-August to plan the picnic. All parishioners are invited to work on the committee or volunteer to work at a booth.
Peggy Fritsch, 920-532-6213
Donna Wall, 920-532-4723
Parish Office, 920-864-2550
Men's Club
The St. Clare Men's Club provides many spiritual, social, service and fundraising activities throughout the year. Open to all parish men.

Women's Club
St. Clare Women's Group is being created from our former Ladies' Society, altar Society, and Christian Mothers' groups. the Women's Group provides opportunities for spiritual growth, social gatherings, and service to the parish. They also provide a fellowship meal following funeral services for families who request it. All women of the parish are encouraged to join.

Snow Removal
Snow Removal volunteers keep our sidewalks and entrances free of snow and plow parking lots. this great service to our parish keeps our parishioners safe from falls on ice and snow.

Time Commitment:  Assigned times, usually once a month, accommodate volunteers' schedules
Contact: Parish Office, 920-864-2550; office@stclareagw.org


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